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Opportunities Offered to Entrepreneurs Via Quantum Supremacy

(Forbes) Bruce Walker compares the dawning era of quantum supremacy to the early days of the Internet and asks what the opportunities will mean for quantum tech entrepreneurs. The quantum tech space will birth entrepreneurs just as the early internet led to today’s Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify and Uber
Walker believes that numerous applications of physics in business will lead to quantum-tech enabled businesses. He explains tht . business analysts, financial risk managers and project managers all need to make decisions and value judgments through physics-based projections. However, experienced professionals in any of these industries will tell you that there’s a great deal of uncertainty involved, even in the best projections.
The next ludicrously successful business ventures will involve a company that provides business analysis and risk management services for other organizations. With the aid of complex quantum computers, it can apply advanced physics to its projections in order to provide more accurate predictions than its competitors. Even a minor increase in accuracy can be attractive to businesses, inspiring them to pay top dollar for these services.
Alternatively, the next big company could use quantum computing in conjunction with other modern technological applications, such as machine learning or data science. Consider this technology’s ability to exponentially boost the raw computing power of a smart assistant or search engine without needing the power and space required for a modern server farm.

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