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One of Ten Most Relevant Trials in the Field of Physics Has Application in Quantum Computing

(PresStories) The work of a Spanish scientist has been recognized by the press ‘Physics World’ 2020 is one of the ten most relevant trials in the field of physics.
Scientists from the universities of Stockholm (Sweden), Seagan (Germany) and the Basque Country also took part in the study. They are Matthias Kleinmann, Fabian Pokerni, Xi Jong, Gerard Higgins and Marcus Heinrich. The work they all did allowed them to “film” what was happening during the measurement of a quantum system–a milestone that has been a mystery to scientists until now.
To get the measurement, the team used a strontium ion trapped in an electric field, As explained by the website Science and Technology News. Despite the fact that the measurement of ions takes only a millionth of a second, scientists have been able to make a film of this process.
The findings of this group of researchers are considered particularly relevant because of their immediate application in quantum computing. The invention allows quantum computers to explore how noise appears to affect and fail to reveal their full potential.

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