Inside Quantum Technology

NSF Sponsored ‘Software-Tailored Architectures for Quantum Co-Design’ at Duke Draws 75 Students,

(Pratt.Duke) Duke University’s Software-tailored Architectures for Quantum Co-design (STAQ) Summer School hosted 75 participants from 40 different institutions of higher education, government and industry. The class reviewed quantum computation basics, learned about advanced circuit models and trapped ion technology, and still managed to carve out time for a scavenger hunt in Duke Gardens. Lecturers from Duke, the University of Chicago, Tufts University, the University of New Mexico and IBM ensured that all summer schoolers came away with a deeper knowledge of the field of quantum computing, regardless of their level of experience.
“The goal of the summer school is to provide an introduction to students who are unfamiliar with quantum computation and to broaden the perspective of graduate students working in the field,” said electrical and computer engineering associate professor and STAQ director Kenneth Brown.
The STAQ project and Summer School are supported by the National Science Foundation.

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