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NSF Reopens Request for Information on Building Ecosystem to Foster Quantum Policy Areas

(HPCWire) The building an U.S. ecosystem to foster the development of applications in the many domains of quantum information science was first articulated in a National Strategic Overview for Quantum Information Science issued by the National Science and Technology Council and later folded into NSF $1.2B plus National Quantum Initiative Act enacted early this year. Recently, the NSF re-opened its Request for Information (RFI) regarding how best to implement elements of the strategic overview which spelled out several key policy areas bulleted here:
–Focus on a science-first approach that aims to identify and solve Grand Challenges: problems whose solutions enable transformative scientific and industrial progress;
–Build a quantum-smart and diverse workforce to meet the needs of a growing field;
–Encourage industry engagement, providing appropriate mechanisms for public-private partnerships;
–Provide the key infrastructure and support needed to realize the scientific and technological opportunities;
–Drive economic growth;
–Maintain national security;
–Continue to develop international collaboration and cooperation.
Responses to the reopened RFI are due July 29, 2019.

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