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NSF Awards $4 Million to Brown & Dartmouth to Understand Materials & States to Make Quantum Technologies Possible

(EurekaAlert) A team of resesarchers from Brown University and Dartmouth College have been awarded a $4 million grant from the National Science Foundation to better understand the materials and the exotic quantum states that will make quantum technologies possible.
“We’re trying to understand these quantum materials and complex quantum states on a fundamental level that enables us to control and manipulate them in useful ways,” said Vesna Mitrovi?, a professor of physics at Brown and principal investigator on the grant. “This new understanding will help us to identify which of these materials or states is useful for which applications, which in turn will help us to move quantum technology forward.”
Under this grant, the Brown-Dartmouth team will use a novel approach in which today’s small quantum computers are combined with large-scale classical computing resources to study quantum materials and complex quantum states in microscopic detail. Experimental studies of existing materials will be combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to inform the design of new materials, whose properties depend on correlated quantum states that are not so fragile.

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