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Northrop Grumman commits $12.5 million toward quantum research and education at Virginia Tech Innovation Campus

( Northrop Grumman has become a key strategic partner of the Virginia Tech Innovation Campus by making a $12.5 million commitment to support research and teaching in quantum information science and engineering.
Virginia Tech faculty, students, and collaborators are working together at the intersection of quantum disciplines to drive quantum mechanics from the lab into real world applications. The new partnership with Northrop Grumman positions the university to dramatically increase the scope of its transdisciplinary quantum-related research and teaching. Northrop Grumman’s support will be used to:

The Virginia Tech Innovation Campus plans to invest an additional $15.8 million to establish the leading Center of Quantum Architecture and Software Development for the nation, bringing the total support for the initiative to $28.3 million.

“Northrop Grumman and Virginia Tech both recognize the game-changing nature of quantum information science and engineering,” said Dan Sui, the university’s vice president for research and innovation. “Advancing the quantum leap is one of the four frontiers in which Virginia Tech will continue to make future investments. Our university is in the home stretch to launch a Quantum Information Science and Engineering Center in Blacksburg that has brought together numerous faculty members across five departments. We’re delighted to now be able to amplify our quantum work to a great degree through this new partnership with Northrop Grumman.”

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