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Nord Quantique, a Quebec-based quantum computing technology start-up, closes CAD $9.5 Million seed funding.

(NordQuantique) Nord Quantique, a Sherbrooke, Quebec-based quantum computing technology start-up, today announced it has closed CAD $9.5 Million seed funding. Nord Quantique develops technology using superconducting qubits to solve challenges within current quantum processors.
Co-leading this seed investment is BDC Capital’s Deep Tech Venture Fund and Paris-based Quantonation VC fund. Real Ventures from Montréal, already a shareholder, also participated in the seed round. Nord Quantique is a partner of the Sherbrooke Quantum Innovation Zone, dedicated to advancing quantum computing innovation in Québec.
Nord Quantique develops hardware that accelerates the pathway to fully fault-tolerant quantum computing. Leveraging bleeding-edge Canadian expertise in quantum technology and semiconductor chip fabrication, Nord Quantique is redesigning processors from the ground up to mitigate and reduce error events on every individual qubit.
Charles Lespérance, Partner, Deep Tech Venture Fund at BDC Capital, said “We’re consistently reviewing the global quantum computing landscape, and we truly believe that Nord Quantique has one of the most promising technical roadmaps to realize fault-tolerant quantum computing. The rigorous support they receive from the world-class Sherbrooke quantum ecosystem is key in helping them compete against the tech giants of the world.”
“As one of the first venture capital investment funds dedicated to quantum and quantum-enabling technologies worldwide—Quantonation has been on board with Nord Quantique since day one of its inception in 2020. With the support of Profs. Alexandre Blais, Scientific Director of the Institut quantique at University of Sherbrooke, and Michel Pioro-Ladrière, Deputy Director at Institut quantique sitting on the Nord Quantique scientific advisory board, we have full confidence in the vision and capabilities of this team and their impact on the future of quantum computing,” said Christophe Jurczak, Managing Partner at Quantonation, France.

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