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Niels Bultink, Co-Founder CEO, Qblox BV Has Agreed to Speak on “Cryo, Control, and Subsystems for Quantum computing” Oct 27 at IQT Europe.

(IQTEurope) Niels Bultink, Co-Founder CEO, Qblox BV has agreed to speak on the panel: “Cryo, control, and subsystems for quantum computing” 11:20 EDT, October 27 at IQT Europe. Niels specializes in controlling quantum computers performing the first feedback on solid-state qubits in 2012. His Ph.D. research with Leonardo DiCarlo at TU Delft has led to more than ten scientific publications centered around fault-tolerant quantum computing with superconducting circuits. The work at QuTech enabled the control of setups with up to 50 qubits and has now found its way to the market via the company Qblox. With Qblox’s new and industrialized generation of control stacks, he is paving the way for quantum computer integrators worldwide to reach practical applications in quantum computing. Niels is co-founder and CEO of Qblox, he is responsible for General Management, Sales, Fundraising, IP growth, and HR.

NOTE: Qblox is an Exhibitor at IQT Europe. Read more here about the exhibit. 

The IQT Europe event will provide presentations by exhibitors as well as numerous opportunities to network with fellow attendees and to have one-on-one discussions with exhibitors. Exhibitors will be presented live and attendees will be able to conduct live one-to-one meetings.

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This is Inside Quantum Technology’s fourth conference on the commercialization of quantum technology. Quantum technology has come a long way since we held the first ever quantum technology conference almost two years ago in Boston and our first European quantum technology conference in The Hague:

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