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New Software NetSquid Brings Quantum Network Design to Users Around the World

(QT-EU) NetSquid (Network Simulator for Quantum Information using Discrete events), a specialized simulator for quantum networks has been made freely available for non-commercial users. In development by QuTech since 2017, the software is the first of its kind to model timing effects using discrete events. NetSquid allows researchers around the world to accurately predict the performance of quantum networks and modular quantum computing systems. Such simulations are essential to design scalable quantum systems and exploit them for radically new types of computation and communication technologies.
NetSquid is an easy to use software tool for understanding the effects of time on the performance of quantum network and quantum computing systems. The lifetime of qubits, the quantum equivalents of computer bits, is currently limited. As a first of its kind tool, NetSquid supports designing smart ways to control and program large scale quantum systems in such a way that complex timing dependencies can be mitigated. NetSquid also forms a unique piece of software to determine the requirements of building quantum networks, and modular quantum computing systems. This is an essential step in order to make large scale quantum systems a reality.

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