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A New Kind of ‘Quantum Time’ Order Study Relevant for Future Quantum Computers

By IQT News posted 03 Sep 2019

(TechExplorist) A team of international scientists has discovered a new kind of quantum time order. Through this study, scientists sought to determine: what happens when an object massive enough to influence the flow of time is placed in a quantum state? The disclosure emerged from a test, the group designed to bring together elements of the two significant physics theories developed in the past century.
UQ physicist Dr. Magdalena Zych said, “Einstein’s theory of general relativity described how the presence of a massive object slowed time.”
“The second theory, of quantum mechanics, says any object can be in a state of superposition. This means it can be found in different states.”
The study is relevant for future technologies. “We are currently working towards quantum computers that — very simply speaking — could effectively jump through time to perform their operations much more efficiently than devices operating in fixed sequence in time, as we know it in our ‘normal’ world,” Dr. Magdalena Zych.

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