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New IQT Research Report: Quantum Processor Market Takes Off: A New Industry Born

By IQT News posted 08 Apr 2021

(GlobeNewsWire) According to IQT Research’s latest report, “Quantum Processors: Roadmaps and Forecasts,” the quantum computing industry is giving birth to the equivalent of the modern semiconductor industry. Although currently quite small (IQT pegs the quantum processor industry at about $200 million in revenues in 2026), IQT Research believes that there will be massive opportunities for “quantum processors” as smaller quantum computers find their way into data centers and new types of quantum systems appear by the end of the decade. Quantum processors are the core chips around which quantum computers are created.
More details of this report can be found at: https://www.insidequantumtechnology.com/product/quantum-processors-and-components-roadmaps-and-forecasts/

About the Report
This report identifies and quantifies the commercial potential of quantum processors. It discusses the roadmaps to much faster/higher capacity quantum devices that are unquestionably powerful enough to achieve so-called quantum advantage. These center around higher capacities in terms of qubits, improved error correction and higher connectivity between qubits. In the report, we also examine important developments in core quantum processing at major institutes and universities.
“We believe that there will be plenty of room for important new start-ups in the quantum processor space,” says Lawrence Gasman president of IQT Research. But Gasman goes on to note that none of the technology platforms that now underpin quantum computing are close to being mature and each has strong pros and cons. The quantum processing platforms which are analyzed in this report include cold atom qubits, trapped ion qubits, photonic quantum computing, spin qubits in silicon, superconducting qubits, topological qubits and annealers. There is an expanding field of commercially available quantum processor technology platforms, reflecting the challenge of picking a winner at this early stage of development.
This report profiles the strategies of quantum processor manufacturers and includes a market forecast to 2026b as well as detailed technology assessment. Also included in the analysis are related cryo equipment and control circuitry for quantum processors. The firms profiled in this report include: AQT, Cold Quanta, D-Wave, Google, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, IonQ, IQM, Microsoft, Origin Quantum, Pasqal, PsiQuantum, Rigetti and Xanadu.
Also, those interested can request an excerpt from IQT Research’s Quantum Processors market report. This excerpt includes all the forecast exhibits in the study (without the actual numbers), so that potential purchasers can understand better the extent and coverage of the forecasts in this report. In addition, the sample also includes an example of the analyst report that accompanies the forecast.
This report is intended for market planners and strategists at firms in the quantum technology, semiconductor and computer sectors. We also believe the report will make essential reading for investors and quantum specialists at research institutes and universities. The report consists of two parts. The first part is a written analysis of the current state and future evolution of quantum processors. The second part is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet with forecasts of sales revenue of quantum processors and related products.

From the report
· The prospects for scaling the number of qubits that quantum processors can handle is good for both photonics-based and the spin-based quantum processors. The same can be said for topological quantum platforms assuming the number of physical qubits required to create a single logical qubit is relatively low. Meanwhile, quantum computers are already attacking real-world problems across a variety of industries boosted by the growing prospect that quantum computers can tackle problems that cannot practically be solved using quantum computers.

· It remains to be seen whether scaling up the number of qubits can be achieved without seriously degrading the performance of quantum computing along one or more other critical quantum parameters. This is a significant caveat, particularly for topological qubits. Another worry is that it is extremely probable that error corrected quantum computers will be necessary to address these problems satisfactorily. Recent analyses of the computational overhead required to implement error correction seem to indicate that the overhead may be prohibitive for certain classes of quantum algorithms for some time to come. Expect to see renewed efforts to improve and/or introduce innovations within the field of error correction codes.

· The question arises as of whether there will be a “Winner Takes All” scenario if/when one player demonstrates quantum advantage in an unequivocal manner. Based on IQT Research’s conversations and research, that is not the general expectation. While the first player to demonstrate quantum advantage for a given problem or application will have an edge, it will most likely be limited to that particular application and variations on that theme.

· Beyond the quantum processors themselves IQT Research sees important commercial opportunities in quantum process or “peripheral” products. For example, in the cryogenics area we are seeing innovations to facilitate multiple users and/or experiments or to speed up measurements. Another interesting development related to scaling is the arrival of CMOS chips for microwave control and measurement in cryogenic environments.

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