Inside Quantum Technology

New Center for Quantum Technology Twente (QUANT) to Build Nano-Components for Quantum Computing

( The newly-founded center QUANT was opened September and will develop components and technology combinging knowledge on superconductivity, photonics and chip design.
QUANT is led by two UT scientists Prof Pepijn Pinkse, Professor of Quantum Optics, and Prof Floris Zwanenburg, associate professor of Silicon Quantum Electronics. It involves several UT research groups.
The new Center for Quantum Nanotechnology Twente (QUANT) of the University of Twente deliberately doesn’t choose one single direction for future quantum computers: a smart combination may be the future. Thanks to the high level of facilities offered by the MESA+ NanoLab at the UT campus, it is possible to develop and build solutions of several kinds.

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