Inside Quantum Technology

NetworkWorld Reporting from IQT NYC Online: Airbus Tells Quantum-Computing Developers What It Needs from the Technology

(NetworkedWorld) Paolo Bianco, global research & technology cooperation manager for Airbus spoke at the Inside Quantum Technology event explaining, “Airbus expects quantum computing to have major production, performance and efficiency benefits as the technology plays a role in its cybersecurity, aerospace and communications businesses.”
“We are users of quantum computing and intend to use it to deliver more powerful services and systems,” said Bianco.
The multinational aerospace corporation and world’s largest airline manufacturer is well on its way to utilizing and helping influence the develop the future of quantum computing.
For example, Bianco pointed to three key quantum technology areas Airbus is interested in – communication/security, computing and sensing. “We are not very much interested in developing our own quantum technology but will help others develop quantum technologies so that we can integrate them into what we are doing. . . “

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