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Netherlands’ State Secretary Mona Keijzer Announces €23,5 million Investment in Quantum Technologies in Next 5 Years

( The Netherlands’ State Secretary Mona Keijzer announced yesterday that she will invest €23,5 million in quantum technologies over the next five years. This initial investment will be used to fund the high priority actions identified last September by the National Agenda on Quantum Technology.
“The urgency is high,” Keijzer writes in her letter to the Dutch cabinet. “In order for this promising field to continue to grow and participate in the rapidly growing global playing field, action is needed immediately – otherwise the Netherlands will be overtaken.”
“The prominent position of the Netherlands in the field of quantum technology is recognized and acknowledged worldwide,” Keijzer continues in the letter. “Universities and knowledge institutes are leaders in the development of qubits, quantum networks, quantum algorithms and post-quantum cryptography and act as a magnet for global business investment and talent.”
Ronald Hanson, QuTech Scientific Director: “We are pleased that the government recognizes quantum technology as a matter of urgency. With this initial investment, we can immediately start with the high-priority actions. To truly make an impact on the Dutch economy, however, we must execute the full National Agenda on Quantum Technology, which will require significant additional funding. Only then we ensure that we can capitalize on our current frontrunner position.”

NOTE: QuTech is a Co-Producer of the upcoming IQT-NYC Event April 2-3.

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