Inside Quantum Technology

Need to Act Now to Prepare IoT for Quantum World

(Forbes) There is an “entanglement” relating to quantum, and that is its intersection with the Internet of Things (IoT). Security of the IoT is a paramount issue. As quantum computing capabilities advance, we should act now to prepare IoT for the quantum world.
The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the general idea of things that are readable, recognizable, locatable, addressable, and/or controllable via the Internet. It encompasses devices, sensors, people, data, and machines and the interactions between them.
Quantum technologies will influence: optimization of computing power, computing models, network latency, interoperability, artificial intelligence (human/computer interface), real-time analytics and predictive analytics, increased storage and data memory power, secure cloud computing, virtualization, and the emerging 5G telecommunications infrastructure. For 5G, secure end-to end communications are fundamental and quantum encryption (which generates secure codes) may be the solution for rapidly growing IoT connectivity.

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