Inside Quantum Technology

NC State Professor’s Class Focuses on Post-Quantum Cryptosystems

(WRAL.Tech) Aydin Aysu, creator of a novel cryptographic hardware design course and an assistant professor in NC State’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has designed and is teaching a class that addresses the full range of hardware security threats, but with a focus focus on post-quantum cryptosystems.
“The big challenge on the horizon is quantum computing,” Aysu says. “The concern is that when quantum computing systems become a publicly-available reality – which many people think will be soon – then those quantum computers will be able to crack the cryptographic systems in widespread use today.”
“Many universities are doing a good job of teaching students about the established security tools and theory, but I’m not aware of any other classes that focus explicitly on giving students experience using the up-and-coming security algorithms and techniques that will prepare them to tackle emerging threats – and will be relevant five or ten years from now.”

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