Inside Quantum Technology

MIT Launching Quantum Computing Online Curriculum with IBM Q & MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

(QuantumCurriculum.MIT) MIT has introduced a Quantum Computing Online Curriculum that is intended for professionals and leaders in business, government, and technology who need to get an understanding of the business and technical implications of quantum computing (QC). Participants in all four online courses will apply the principles of QC to real-world examples utilizing a state-of-the-art web-available quantum computer−IBM’s Quantum Experience System (IBM Q). The courses can be taken individually or in two program bundles.
MIT’s quantum learning initiative is created in collaboration with IBM Q, and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab is focused on fundamental artificial intelligence (AI) research with the goal of propelling scientific breakthroughs that unlock the potential of AI. A key initiative of the lab is the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning.

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