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Microsoft Making Azure the Go-To-Platform for Quantum Processing & Deployment

(SDTimes) The Azure development team at Microsoft is working to provide new features to win over more developers, through a heavy investment in tools for migrating legacy platforms to its cloud, pushing machine learning, quantum computing and other innovative features.
Quantum is only part of this article’s overarching discussion. Author Jakub Lewkowicz observes, “Microsoft is forward thinking in regard to quantum computing” and explains his rationale. Last month, Microsoft open-sourced its quantum development kit (QDK) to experts, development and researchers, hoping the quantum ecosystem will help global challenges such as creating clean energy solutions and resource-efficient food production.
Microsoft is working on making Azure the go-to platform for quantum processing and deployment, according to the company. Developers will be able to access quantum processing alongside classical processing in Azure.
“Based on what I’m seeing, quantum is really going to be as big a shift as AI is now and big data was. It will be a lot harder to find people who know anything about it,” Hynds said. “Microsoft is already making it easier with the Q# language that you can use to program against their simulators. Amazon seems to be completely absent from that space.”

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