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Mercedes & IBM Teaming to Use Quantum Computing to Build Electric Vehicle Battery

( Mercedes-Benz’s R&D division is researching how quantum computers could be used to discover new materials for advanced batteries in electric cars. Discovering new battery materials could “unlock a billion-dollar opportunity,” said Benjamin Boeser, director of open innovation at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America. Mercedes-Benz is a brand of Daimler AG. “We could simulate the actual behavior of a battery with a quantum computer, which is currently not possible with existing computer power,” Mr. Boeser said.
Mercedes-Benz and Daimler are working with International Business Machines Corp.’s quantum-computing division with the goal of deploying the next-generation computing power in certain use cases, possibly in about five or 10 years. “We believe there’s a huge opportunity here,” he said.

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