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Menno Veldhorst , Group Leader, QuTech and Leader, QuTech Academy; Has Agreed to Moderate the panel “Jobs and Education in the Quantum Technology Sector” Oct 30 at IQT Europe

(IQT.Europe) Menno Veldhorst , Group Leader, QuTech and Leader, QuTech Academy; has agreed to moderate the panel “Jobs and Education in the Quantum Technology Sector” at 9 am October 30 at IQT Europe.
Menno Veldhorst is a group leader at QuTech and he leads the QuTech Academy. Veldhorst is an expert in quantum computation with quantum dots and was the first to realize a universal quantum gate set with silicon qubits, which opened a path to quantum technology based on advanced semiconductor manufacturing. His group recently advanced the state-of-the-art of quantum dot qubits by demonstrating a four-qubit germanium quantum processor. For his contributions, Veldhorst received several prices including the Nicholas Kurti Science prize by Oxford Instruments and Veldhorst is included in MIT Technology Review’s prestigious list of 35 innovators under 35 as a visionary. As QuTech Academy lead, Veldhorst aims to prepare society and industry for the quantum revolution, and the online courses provided by QuTech Academy has already attracted over 50.000 students.

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IQT EUROPE: 55+ quantum tech thought leaders will be presenting: As an attendee, you will have live and archived access to all sessions and pre-conference day.

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Six Reasons for Attending Inside Quantum Technology Europe

  1. Enhance your knowledge of quantum technology commercialization in Europe. Inside Quantum Technology Europe will offer attendees 60 + expert speakers There will also be a state-of-the-art online Exhibit Hall in which leading hardware and software firms, along with service providers, will display and demonstrate their latest products and strategies.
  2. Learn from the best. At Inside Quantum Technology you will learn from thought-leaders in the quantum technology field as well as meet the newest entrants into the field. You will also be able to ask presenters questions about their work and the rationale behind it.
  3. Network with your peers. At Inside Quantum Technology there will be plenty of time to network, do deals, meet new customers and see new products. Inside Quantum Technology Europe will help attendees meet new colleagues and discuss the latest opportunities in the quantum technology space.
  4. Make long-term relationships. At Inside Quantum Technology Europe You can expect to make new contacts that may be your collaborators and colleagues in the future. You may make a connection with someone that will dramatically impact your professional career or just further establish yourself in your field — find a new job, recruit skilled people for a position at your organization or company.
  5. Present your ideas, skills and new products. Inside Quantum Technology will provide attendees the opportunity to talk about their own research and development work and gain novel perspectives and feedback from others at the conference.
  6. Latest conferencing platform. Our state-of-the art conferencing platform will also enable attendees to network online with speakers, exhibitors, and other attendees to exchange experiences and conduct business. Inside Quantum Technology will be a great way to meet new people in the world of European quantum technology.

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