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McAndrews a Platinum Sponsor for ‘Policy, Funding and Standards Issues’ at IQT San Diego May 10-12

(IQT-SanDiego) McAndrews has agreed to be a Platinum Sponsor for ‘Policy, Funding and Standards Issues’ at the IQT San Diego “World’s Quantum Enterprise” conference and exhibition taking place at The San Diego Convention Center this coming May 10-12 2022. This will be the foremost gathering of business leaders, product developers, IT executives, marketing strategists, academics and government officials focused on the QUANTUM ENTERPRISE.
McAndrews will also exhibit at the “World’s Quantum Enterprise Event” May 10-12 in-person, online and on-demand.

Topic 3: Policy, Funding and Standards Issues
The evolution of enterprise quantum will be highly dependent on an institutional framework evolving in terms of standards, international regulation, corporate funding and workforce development. This session is designed to show where these complex matters are headed and the factors that are currently shaping them.

Register for IQT San Diego here.

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