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Major Gordon Lotta of AFRL Honored for Work in Quantum Sensing & Timing with Space Vehicles Directorate

(LADaily) Two members of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Kirtland Airforce Base Space Vehicles Directorate here, have been honored as the 2019 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Awards recipients.
The two award recipients within the Space Vehicles Directorates at Kirtland AFB are Dr. Brian Kasch and Maj. Gordon Lotta who is the Quantum Sensing and Timing program manager with the Space Vehicles Directorate.
During the period the award was received Lott was the Cold Atom Navigation and Timing deputy program manager and won the 2019 Air Force Research and Development Award for his work on bringing new space-ready clock (or timing) technologies to the Department of Defense’s position, navigation, and timing (PNT) infrastructure.
In his current role, Lott leads the development of quantum timing and sensing technologies, which offer ultraprecise methods of keeping track of time, down to the millionth billionth of a second and sensing gravity, down to one trillionth of the force of earth’s gravity.

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