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Maëva Ghonda, Chair Quantum AI Institute; Senior Fellow HQS Quantum Simulations; will speak at IQT NYC 2023

Maëva Ghonda. Chair, Quantum AI Institute; Senior Fellow, HQS Quantum Simulations; will speak at IQT NYC 2023.

Women in Quantum Technology

Maëva Ghonda specializes in Risk Oversight and Governance. She is the chair of the Quantum AI Institute and Senior Fellow of HQS Quantum Simulations, the leading quantum computing software company based in Germany. Maëva was previously the Cybersecurity Blockchain Global Group Leader for the Cloud Security Alliance where she led a global group of 210 security professionals. She has also worked as a Scholar for the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), the world-class quantum research institution supported by NIST — a vital government agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce. She has held roles in Cybersecurity Risk Management, including at John Hancock Financial, a diversified financial services company that serves institutional clients and retail customers.


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