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Machine Learning Reply Group Specializing in AI Wins Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge

By IQT News posted 17 Dec 2020

(BusinessWire) Machine Learning Reply, the Reply Group company specialized in Artificial Intelligence solutions, has won the Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge (AQCC), the competition launched by Airbus in 2019 to address some of the major challenges in the aerospace industry by leveraging the computational capabilities offered by Quantum Computing.
Machine Learning Reply entered the competition with the submission of a solution for the “Aircraft Loading Optimisation” problem, and was awarded for having developed an algorithm, realized using Quantum Annealing. The solution allows an air carrier to identify the optimal layout and carrying capacity on an aircraft while respecting several flight physics constraints, including the maximum weight and the center of gravity of an aircraft, which are essential for safety and transport efficiency.
The award comes after being nominated in October along with 5 other finalists from a talented cohort of more than 800 professionals, Quantum Computing experts and representatives of the international scientific community, who registered their interest in the challenge. Participants were tasked with answering one of five problem statements, which were structured to address industry-relevant flight physics challenges facing the aviation industry today.
Machine Learning Reply is set to start working with Airbus experts, as early as January 2021, to test and benchmark its solution in order to assess how the mastering of complex calculations can tangibly impact airlines, enabling them to benefit from maximised loading capabilities.
Filippo Rizzante, Reply CTO, said: “We are pleased to have taken part to the competition and proud of the success achieved by our experts. At Reply we look with great attention to the future of Quantum Computing and we are constantly focused with multidisciplinary and international teams of researchers on the study of this technology and on the implementation of real projects aimed at process optimization for the financial services, telecommunications, logistics and transport sectors”.

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