Inside Quantum Technology

Looking Ahead to Quantum Computing and AI

(Forbes) There is a very distinct link between quantum computing and AI. That link is the art of probability. Everything we do in AI is a guide toward optimizing decision making based on the human-free assimilation of data. In this respect, the quantum world is in the same stratosphere but still very far away.
For pioneers and champions of artificial intelligence, quantum computing is the holy grail. It’s not a make-believe fantasy; rather, it’s a tangible area of science that will take our probability-driven world into a whole new dimension.
Just like AI, the quantum world is entirely built on probabilities. This has led us to be entirely engulfed in fascination with the possibilities and probabilities on the horizon. More mainstream understanding and tangible application will come, but we don’t know when.
Both the hardware and algorithms have a long way to go until they grace our level of environments. It’s not an unattainable innovation, though. It’s real enough and therefore reachable enough to learn and research. For a company working with AI, and therefore probabilities, it would be irresponsible not to track its progress.

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