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London’s Crypta Labs Receives €3 Million Funding to Develop Quantum Cybersecurity

(EU-Startups) London-based Crypta Labs is developing technologies that use the quantum properties of light to secure highly critical data and communication devices embedded in the critical infrastructure of the aerospace, communication, medical, military, and transport industries.
The cybersecurity startup has just raised €3 million in a funding round led by Bloc Ventures, including €1.1 million in debt financing from Innovate UK.
The investment will allow Crypta Labs to further develop its Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) IP portfolio and to bring the first Quantum-enabled Hardware Security Module (QHSM) to market. David Leftley, CTO and co-founder at Bloc Ventures commented, “The weakness is the lack of truly random numbers with which to generate strong cryptographic keys. We see Crypta’s QRNG technology as fundamental to securing the data and communications networks of the future. We look forward to working with Joe and the team as Crypta Labs enters its next phase of growth as we accelerate the roadmap towards a single chip QRNG.”

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