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Lockheed Ventures Arm Backs Quantum Computing Company IonQ

(WashingtonTechnology) Lockheed Martin Ventures — the defense company’s technology startup investment is backing two companies through separate avenues announced this week. The first is IonQ and the second training technology firm Red 6.
In a release Tuesday, quantum computing company IonQ said it grew its total fundraising amount to $84 million through a new Series B round that represents its second significant round of investments since the 2015 founding with $2 million in seed money.
The latest round included Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH and Cambium, another investment firm that focuses on companies pushing future computational paradigm changes.
For Lockheed Martin Ventures, this investment gains the company an early look at a technology of increasing interest to government agencies. Two years ago, the parent corporation doubled the size of the venture fund to $200 million and sharpened the focus on five core technology areas.
College Park, Maryland-based IonQ uses what it calls a trapped-ion method for its quantum computing platforms.

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