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Listen & View Free IQT Webinar on “Quantum Computing Basics” with Dr. Jonathan Dowling

By IQT News posted 11 Jul 2019

(IQT.WebinarSeries) Recording and slides now available FREE for the first “Quantum Computing Basics” webinar Presented by Dr. Jonathan Dowling, Professor and Hearne Chair of Theoretical Physics, LSU.
Please register here to receive a link to the recording and slides from the webinar.
If you were not able to attend Dr. Dowling’s webinar, use this free and convenient opportunity to look into breakthrough quantum computer technologies and a guide to their future technological evolution. In his session, Dowling examined the quantum computing strategies of big names in computing and electronics including IBM, Microsoft, and Honeywell, and pure play firms including Rigetti and D-Wave. He covered the development of chip technology at the core of quantum computers, the delivery of quantum computing power to the end user—clouds or in-house machines, and application and industry sector pioneers who are using quantum computing. At the end of the presentation, Dr. Dowling answered questions from the audience–perhaps many of those questions echoing yours.

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