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LG Electronics works with Dutch Firm Qu&Co to Develop Quantum Computing Technology for Multiphysics Simulation

(AJU.Daily) Dutch quantum-computational software developer Qu&Co is working with LG Electronics to develop quantum computing technology for multiphysics simulation. They will launch a three-year joint study and use research achievements to solve the problem of multiphysics.
Multiphysics is the coupled processes or systems involving more than one simultaneously occurring physical field and the studies of and knowledge about these processes and systems. Multiphysics simulations are used to analyze and validate them.
LG Electronics said the joint study would increase the competitiveness of future technologies by utilizing quantum computing that uses quantum bits or qubits, based on the principles of quantum theory, which explains the nature and behavior of energy and matter on the quantum level. Theoretically, a quantum computer would gain enormous processing power and perform tasks using all possible permutations simultaneously.
“Quantum computing is an innovative technology that goes beyond existing technologies and has considerable potential,” said LG Electronics chief technology officer Park Il-pyung. “Based on open innovation strategies, we will strengthen technological competitiveness with potential companies like Qu&Co and promote a high-level application study.”

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