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LG Electronics joins IBM community to advance quantum computing

(AjuDaily) LG Electronics joined a community of companies, academic institutions, startups and research labs working with IBM to advance quantum computing. Using IBM’s technology, The South Korean company aims to explore quantum computing applications in any areas requiring processing a large amount of data including artificial intelligence, connected cars, digital transformation, internet of things and robotics applications.
Members of IBM’s quantum network are provided with access to IBM’s most advanced quantum computing systems and development tools such as Qiskit, an open-source quantum information software development kit. “Based on our open innovation strategy, we plan to use IBM Quantum to develop our competency in quantum computing,” LG’s chief technology officer Kim Byoung-hoon said in a statement on January 10.
By leveraging IBM Quantum technology, LG Electronics said it would provide workforce training to employees and investigate how potential breakthroughs can be applied to its industry.
IBM’s quantum team and LG Electronics will explore how quantum computing will help a ‎variety of industries and disciplines, including finance, energy, chemistry, materials science, ‎optimization and machine learning, among many others. IBM vice president Jay Gambetta in charge of quantum computing said LG Electronics will be allowed to explore new types of problems associated with emerging technologies.

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