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Latvia’s First Tests of Quantum Tech Innovations Taking Place with LMT, MikroTik, & LUniversity MII

By IQT News posted 29 Sep 2021

(WorldTodayNews) Latvia is currently developing quantum software and algorithms, as well as hardware (nanoelectronics and photonics sensors and quantum devices) and quantum internet (quantum secure fiber and air communications, optical satellite communications).
In order to ensure the highest level of data transmission security in both civil and defense, the telecommunications and technology company LMT, the Latvian wireless equipment manufacturer MikroTik and the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Latvia (LU MII) are cooperating in research and development of quantum network innovations. Currently, the first tests have taken place, with LU WMD scientists transmitting information encrypted with quantum technologies in the LMT network and thus taking a significant step towards reducing future cyber security risks.
The use of quantum encryption technology equipment in data transmission will make the flow of information much more secure. Since 2019, LU MII has been using the Swiss company ID Quantique QKD “Clavis3” equipment for quantum key distribution to test the possibilities. During the first test performed jointly by LMT and LU MII, data encrypted with quantum technologies were transferred in the LMT network, with quantum keys synchronizing at a speed of about 2000 bps. Currently, both quantum technology devices are located at LU MII, but it is planned that soon one of them will be transferred to LMT for the next test period. When developing research on the use of quantum technologies, it is planned that MikroTik will develop cryptographic devices – chips suitable for quantum encryption – within the framework of joint cooperation with LMT and LU MII.

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