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KT Succeeds in Sending 5G Data with Native Quantum Cryptographic Technology

(KoreaTimes) KT has made a field test success that encrypts and transmits 5G data with a quantum cryptographic communication technology developed in Korea. This test is the most basic step in launching a service with the quantum cryptographic communication technology.
KT has applied its own Quantum Key Distributor (QKD) system and Encryptor developed by small and medium-sized companies to 5G networks that are actually being used by customers in some parts of Gyeonggi Province according to the international standard of ITU-T Y. 3800.
KT achieved results in smooth and stable communication without slowing down or further delays when data was sent and received with quantum cryptographic communication technology. In general, additional work to enhance security in the network is likely to affect service quality.
In addition to the demonstration of applying quantum cryptographic communication to 5G networks, KT also conducted a ‘Quantum VPN’ test that introduces ‘Quantum random number generation function’ to KT’s corporate product ‘One Box’ to strengthen security of VPN service.

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