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KT Selected to Operate & Aid in Korea’s Quantum Cryptographic Communication Network

(TheNewsAsia) Korean telecoms giant KT announced that they have been selected to operate and aid in establishing a quantum cryptographic communication network for the new Hyperconnected Intelligent Research and Development Network (KOREN) as ordered by the National Information Society Agency (NIA).
KT will use a bevy of new deviced such as quantum cryptography systems an encryption equipment in the Seoul-Suwon section of KOREN. In regards to KOREN, the network will be used for developing, testing, and verifying major ICT offerings from public institutions such as government, finance, and defense, where security is absolutely essential. Local government researchers will also have access KOREN’s services.
The NIA and KT connected with each other over intelligent R & D network business so Korean companies can develop and establish an infrastructure for quantum cryptography technology. This partnership could be seen as a stepping stone for the cryptography industry to be launched into more industrial fields. Eventually it could mean a greater adoption of cryptocurrencies or, as is now standard in Korea to call them, virtual assets as they can be used as a security measure in a number of applications.

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