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KT Develops New Technology for Uninterrupted Quantum Cryptographic Communication Service

(AJU.Daily) KT, a major telecom company in South Korea has developed a new technology that enables a quantum cryptographic communication service without interruption. It can increase the stability of quantum cryptography communication infrastructure in the defense and financial sectors that require high levels of security and uninterrupted services.
KT said the automatic switching technology creates a dual-structure channel and supplies new quantum keys on the backup line if a failure occurs or a hacking attempt is recognized. “We’ve improved the problems of the existing quantum cryptography communication structure in an innovative way to lay the foundation for technology that can provide stable quantum cryptography communication services,” said KT’s infrastructure research center head Lee Jong-sik.
South Korean companies have tried to lead the standardization of quantum cryptographic communication technology. SK Telecom has applied its 5G quantum cryptography technology to IM Bank, the mobile banking app of DGB Daegu Bank.

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