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KPMG now on Azure Quantum Systems Integrator

(VentureBeat) Microsoft announced that KPMG is now an Azure Quantum Systems Integrator for Azure Quantum. The organizations plan to collaborate to use quantum-inspired optimization (QIO) algorithms to identify new ways for Azure Quantum customers to leverage quantum algorithms and solve optimization challenges.
KPMG has a team dedicated to quantum-related technologies. The two companies expect that team to educate organizations on how to apply quantum-inspired optimization to business problems in industries including financial services, energy, and health care. (Quantum-inspired optimization refers to running quantum computing algorithms on classical hardware.)
“The Azure Quantum platform allows us to explore numerous different solver approaches utilizing the same code, helping to minimize re-work and improve efficiency. The shared goal for these initial projects is to build solution blueprints for common industry optimization problems using Azure Quantum, which we can then provide to more clients at scale,” said Bent Dalager, the global head of KPMG’s Quantum Hub.
“Many believe that quantum computers are a decade away from being useful, but the reality is that technology that emulates quantum principles, classical “quantum-inspired” technology, is available today and has the potential to make a significant difference for certain industries,” Svore said.

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