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Knowledge Transfer Manager of Quantum Technologies at KTN Emphasizes Broad Scope of Quantum Technology Applications

By IQT News posted 09 Sep 2021

(TodayUkNews) Dr Najwa Sidqi, Knowledge Transfer Manager of Quantum Technologies at KTN, explains that, despite the media focus on computing, quantum technologies are far broader than you might think, and they are set to impact the world dramatically. The scope of quantum tech is far broader than just increasing computing power beyond anything that is currently available.

He writes, “As we’ve learnt to manipulate and measure the energy of individual photons, we’ve come to realise that its applications go beyond simply boosting the processing power of our PCs. And that’s why “quantum technology” is broader than quantum computing.”

The applications of quantum technology are enormous and could well be endless:
–There’s exciting work being done in quantum communication, which allows for infinitely more complex data encryption than what is currently available.

–Quantum sensing is another field of research and development that will take our ability to precisely measure electromagnetic waves, fields and forces so much further forward that it’s hard to comprehend the impact on scientific understanding.

–Quantum imaging has the potential to revolutionise metrology in a number of fields, with applications in gas leak detection to non-invasive in vivo imaging in healthcare. So, how far off into the distant future are these technologies of tomorrow? Well, not too distant at all, in fact they’re already being commercialised.

Companies such as QLM Technology use a quantum gas imaging LIDAR to detect and monitor greenhouse gases. The photon-precise sensor allows organisations to effectively monitor and map the locations and flow rates of gas leaks with high-sensitivity imaging that shows plume shape and concentration.

–ID Quantique, based in Switzerland, is already leading the world in quantum-safe encryption solutions. Their products are in use by governments, enterprises and research labs across the world.

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