Inside Quantum Technology

Kees Eijkel of QuTech to serve as moderator and master of ceremonies at IQT May 10-12 in San Diego covering quantum enterprise

(By Alan Marshall Meckler) Kees Eijkel of QuTech who moderated IQT The Hague conference on the Quantum Internet is traveling to San Diego this May to serve in the same capacity at the San Diego Convention Center.  Kees, from The Netherlands is the Business Development Director at Delft University of Technology.  He is a luminary in the Quantum Computing world through his work at QuTech.  IQT covering the Quantum Enterprise has an impressive speaker and exhibiting roster from throughout the world.  The event is the only major Quantum Computing conference and exhibition that offers hybrid attendance options.  This is the first event devoted to the Quantum Enterprise.   IQT-SanDiego

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