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K Karunaratne, VP of Engineering, Qubitekk, Inc.has agreed to speak on “Cybersecurity in Quantum Communication” at IQT The Hague

(IQT-TheHague) K Karunaratne, Vice President of Engineering, Qubitekk, Inc.has agreed to speak on Panel 3: “Cybersecurity in Quantum Communication” at IQT The Hague.
Mr. “K” Karunaratne holds the position of Vice President of Engineering at Qubitekk Inc, a company building devices and building blocks for commercial Quantum Sources, Sensing and Networking. Mr. Karunaratne’s background is in Systems Engineering with specialties in low noise high speed amplification. He has over 25 years of experience working in a variety of positions for academia – large research groups – federal government and private industry – as a consultant his areas of expertise have been beneficial to a diverse range of fields – bioscience – drug discovery – medical products – spaceflight – network security. Currently he represents Qubitekk on several IEEE groups related to Quantum and manages the Engineering group. He has over 14 awarded patents.

Inside Quantum Technology The Hague Conference and Exhibition will be held as a hybrid event February 21-23, 2022. This is the foremost gathering of business leaders, product developers, marketing strategists and investors anywhere in the world focused on quantum internet. Over 1,000 people will be attending this event (both in-person and online) from all over the world and from every area of quantum computing.

This conference includes panels and keynotes on topics related to the future of the Quantum Internet.

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