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Juha Muhonen Receives 1.6 M Euros Grant for Research on Quantum Tech Using Silicon

(EurekaAlert) Associate professor, academy research fellow, Juha Muhonen from the University of Jyväskylä has received the highly competitive European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. The ERC uses the Starting Grants to support talented scientists in the early stages of their career in pursuing ground-breaking projects for a duration of five years. The grant amount is 1.6 million euros.
Juha Muhonen’s research is focused on quantum technologies. The development of quantum technologies is expected to lead to the actualization of the long sought-after quantum computer and to much improved sensors, called quantum sensors. Muhonen’s group develops quantum technologies using silicon.
“As silicon is the material underpinning current electronics platforms, it provides unique possibilities for integrating the quantum components with existing electronic, and also photonic, circuits. The motivation for the research is both in enabling practical quantum sensors and quantum computing components and in probing fundamental physics in these on-chip quantum physics testbeds”, says Muhonen.

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