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Jerusalem Post Interviews IQT’s Lawrence Gasman In Feature Discussing Quantum Computer Race Between USA & China

(JerusalemPost) The implications of quantum computing could be no less than to remake who are the world’s military, economic and technological powers and redefine industries as diverse as communications, health, finance and energy. And there is a race between the US and China, with others like Russia, the EU, Canada and more recently Israel, all hoping to achieve dominance (or in Israel’s case, at least a respectable place at the table) – much like the space race.
Lawrence Gasman, Founder and President of Inside Quantum Technology Lawrence Gasman was one of the world leaders who were interviewed. Regarding who is winning the quantum computing race between the US and China, Gasman said, “I question that ‘ahead’ is a very meaningful term in this context. Nobody really knows how much money has gone into Chinese quantum computers” or the US effort “since the intelligence community… almost certainly funds activity overtly and covertly.
“That said, we don’t think that the Chinese have many quantum computers deployed,” and it was unclear if they could perform, he said.
Responding to experts who said that the US has regained the lead in quantum computing, but that China remains the leader in quantum communications, Gasman said, “I am far from sure that China is ahead on quantum communications. What you are referring to probably is the long-haul quantum nets [new quantum online networks] that the Chinese have built, but these are quickly replicating in the US and Europe and aren’t that hard to build.”
He added, “Most of the innovations in quantum communications seem to be in the US and Europe,” but that “China has bigger/longer quantum nets than the West so far, but the Chinese are to be feared in this area over the long term. Technologists are typically very naive about the Chinese threat.”
Other experts interviewed include: BOB BLAKLEY an operating partner at the leading global venture group, Team8. He also recently served as a member of the National Academy of Science’s Committee on Quantum Computing.
IDF Maj.-Gen. (res.) Yitzhak Ben Israel, who recently co-headed a government commission to devise a long-term country strategy for quantum technology and has headed other key agencies.

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