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Japan, US and Europe Team Up to Counter China’s Quantum Rise

By IQT News posted 02 Jan 2020

(Asia.Nikkei) Nikkei has learned Japan will partner with the U.S. and Europe to develop quantum computers and related technology, broadening their mutual efforts as China pours national resources into the race for ultrafast processing power.
Japan, the U.S. and Europe are accelerating their push in the field in response to China’s rapid rise. China published more papers on quantum technology than any other country in the decade through 2018, according to Dutch research company Elsevier. The U.S. worries about the technology’s implications on national security.
Chinese players like Alibaba Group Holding are working on building quantum computers, as well as on quantum communication, which uses a powerful type of encryption. The Chinese government is building a $10 billion laboratory in Anhui Province that is scheduled to be completed next year.

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