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Japan plans law to keep sensitive patents secret; technolgies for review include nuclear weapons & quantum technology

(Bloomberg) Japan will introduce legislation that keeps sensitive patents secret while compensating applicants who have forgone licensing fees, as the country ramps up efforts to protect key industries, Nikkei reported Sunday, without saying where it obtained the information.
Under the bill, the government will review patent filings for technology that have potential military use, such as developing nuclear weapons and quantum technology. Patents that may pose a national security risk won’t be disclosed. Applicants will not be able to file the patents in other countries, according to the newspaper.
The government will compensate up to about 20 years worth of licensing income, based on comparable patents, according to the report. It will set up a team with members from the Defense Ministry, National Security Secretariat and other agencies to review the patent applications.
The government will announce the framework as early as next January and plans to make it effective in fiscal 2023.

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