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Janne Lehtinen, Chief Science Officer, SemiQon; will speak at IQT Nordics

Janne Lehtinen, Chief Science Officer, SemiQon; will speak at IQT Nordics.
Dr. Janne Lehtinen is chief science officer of SemiQon. Before co-founding SemiQon, he was a research team leader at VTT, leading a team called Quantum sensors, which had 17 researchers. He did his Ph.D. 2014 in University of Jyväskylä about quantum fluctuations in superconducting nanowires. He is expert in both semiconducting and superconducting quantum devices with more than 10 years of experience from advanced fabrication and cryogenic measurements. He has been in leading roles in several national, European and commercial research projects. He has published more than 30 peer-reviewed publications and has several patents and patent filings.

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The conference will provide the participants with detailed insights into the rapidly expanding Nordic quantum ecosystem as well as an update on the state-of-the-art of quantum technologies in relation to use cases and applications. This conference will be an annual event with venues rotating between the Nordic countries. The first event, IQT Nordics 2023, will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from June 6th to 8th. In 2024, the conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland.

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