Inside Quantum Technology

ITL Director Says His Agency Working to Ensure the U.S. Leads in Quantum Information Science & AI

(MeriTalk) Charles Romine, the Director of the Information Technology Lab (ITL) at NIST recently shared that his lab – which has done notable work in creating standards around cloud computing in recent years – has recently pivoted toward blockchain, as well as AI and quantum information science.
Romine added that since AI and quantum are quickly rising as significant industries, ITL is trying to get ahead in carving a path forward to ensure the U.S. leads the world in these areas. “AI is going to be a multi-trillion-dollar industry; quantum information science is going to be a multi-trillion-dollar industry. We’re doing things at the forefront of self-development, trying to galvanize the community to try to maintain those areas,” Romine said.
In preparing to develop secure quantum capabilities, Romine spoke about NIST’s quantum resistor cryptography algorithm competition, because as quantum erupts in the economy, the United States will “need to ensure that we retain secure infrastructure for cryptography” in quantum.

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