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Israeli CEO of Polaris Quantum Biotech Teams with Fellow Female CEO of AI-Powered Auransa to Search for Treatments and Cures of Neglected Diseases Affecting Women

(TimesofIsrael) Shahar Keinan, the Israeli CEO of Polaris Quantum Biotech, is teaming up with a fellow female CEO in the field to use super-fast quantum computers to find a cure for endometriosis, which doctors estimate affects about 10% of women globally.
“This will help bring drugs to the market quickly, especially in areas that have long been neglected,” says Keinan of her company’s new partnership with California-based Auransa Inc., which uses artificial intelligence to search for new treatments. “This is really solving an unmet need.”
Polarisqb is currently raising an investment round.
The two companies will also work together to find treatments and cures for ovarian and breast cancer and polycystic ovary syndrome.
“I believe we will be able to combine our individual expertise in biology and chemistry, respectively, to generate quality solutions for these very hard to tackle or neglected diseases affecting women’s health,” says Pek Lum, CEO of Auransa.
Solutions for these diseases are just a fraction of what Polarisqb, a quantum computing startup based in North Carolina, is investigating in the rapidly expanding field of computational chemistry, where scientists use computer models instead of lab equipment to identify new compounds that can stop or prevent disease.
The technology, which dramatically speeds up drug development, is especially promising in fields that have been understudied – like women’s health.

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