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Israel Joins Global Quantum Computing Race with $350 Million

(Haaertz.Israel-News) Israel is joining the global quantum computing race.
Israel’s program calls for 1.2 billion shekels ($350 million) of spending over six years. Most of the funding will come from the existing budgets of the Council of Higher Education, the Defense Ministry’s Research, Arms Development and Technological Infrastructure Administration, and academic institutions. The government itself will kick in just 190 million shekels in new funds over the six years.
The program began to take shape two years ago. Prof. Uri Sivan of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology chaired a committee that mapped the strengths and weaknesses of the Israel’s quantum technology R&D. A second panel, led by former Chief Scientist Orna Berry, went a step further, looking into where Israel was behind and what role the government should take.
Israel Joins International Community in Quantum Computing Race
Other countries have recognized this. Canada, for instance, has budgeted $1.6 billion over five years, Germany $780 million and China a reported $2.4 billion. The European Union has a Quantum Technologies Flagship program to which $1.1 billion has been allocated, a number that is due to be tripled.

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