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Israel Investing 1.25 billion NIS in National initiative to Build Quantum Proficiency

(JerusalemPost) Israel is investing 1.25 billion NIS in a national initiative to build up quantum proficiency. The recent announcement of Israel allocating $60 million to build its first quantum computer is part of that initiative.
Dr. Itamar Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines told the agency: “If you would have asked an AI/ML expert 15 years ago what industry artificial intelligence and machine learning were going to have the greatest impact on, they would have given their best guess, but today we know that the question is unfair.
The implications could be no less than to remake who are the world’s military, economic and technological powers and redefine industries as diverse as communications, health, finance and energy. And there is a race between the US and China, with others like Russia, the EU, Canada and more recently Israel, all hoping to achieve dominance (or in Israel’s case, at least a respectable place at the table) – much like the space race.

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