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ISARA and Crypto4A Partnership to Address Security Risks of Quantum Processing & the Transition Period to Quantum-Resistant Signatures

(GlobeNewsWire) ISARA Corp. and Crypto4A Technologies Inc.announced their collaborative partnership agreement focused on providing organizations with next generation security.
Combining Crypto4A’s hardware anchored Qx™ Trust Architecture (QxTA™) with ISARA’s software expertise in implementing crypto-agility and quantum-safe security, the two organizations are working together to develop and introduce seamless and easy to use market-ready cryptographic based solutions for digital transformations.
Today’s cryptographic foundations must be made crypto-agile to prepare for imminent changes in cryptographic requirements driven by the security risks of quantum processing, emerging quantum-resistant public-key cryptographic algorithms from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the fact that there will be a lengthy transition period requiring enterprises to deploy and consume both classical and quantum-resistant based signatures.
Bruno Couillard, CTO and a Founder of Crypto4A added, “When we designed the market leading Luna HSM 25 years ago, we did not do so with the internet, its protocols, mobile, cloud, the app economy, AI/ML, data privacy, remote access and the impact of quantum processing in mind. Our QxTA™ rethinks the HSM considering these new realities. And this rethink leads us to work with ISARA.“

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