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Is Google parent Alphabet getting ready to unleash seed-stage quantum project Sandbox@Alphabet into the wild?

(MotleyFool) Google parent Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL)(NASDAQ:GOOG) might be getting ready to unleash one of its seed-stage quantum projects into the wild.
The start-up we’re talking about here is known as Sandbox Technology.  Internally, the project is referred to as Sandbox@Alphabet, per employee LinkedIn pages.
This project is supposedly housed within X, Alphabet’s moonshot department that works on developing future high-growth businesses. Sandbox Technology is also separate from Google Quantum AI, the team based in Santa Barbara, California, that has been researching quantum computing applications and services that are available via Google Cloud. Indications are that Sandbox is focused on software that makes use of quantum computing.
If Sandbox is somehow spun out from X, it’s unlikely to be a new public stock investors can purchase directly. Rather, this is likely making a more public announcement for the seed-stage business to attract more investment from institutions. Given the money that IonQ and Rigetti have attracted as of late, Google perhaps sees an opportunity to pad its quantum computing start-up with some extra liquidity and attract employee talent.

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