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Ireland’s First Quantum Computer Engineering Centre Launched at Tyndall National Institute with Multi-Million Euro Investment

(HPCWire) A multi-million-euro investment will see 900 sq meters of research space dedicated to quantum technology at Tyndall National Institute’s new facility on Cork’s North Mall and will be a key part of the Institute’s plans to double in size and impact by 2025. Tyndall is also recruiting 5 new senior research leaders, including a Head of Quantum Research to lead the overall Centre and who will build new quantum research teams to accelerate the growth of the centre. Overall, this new investment will result in an additional 45 quantum research jobs giving a further boost to Tyndall’s quantum ecosystem that already counts the highest concentration of researchers in Ireland.
Tyndall has been at the forefront of quantum technology research in Ireland for 10 years and is already leading Irish efforts in engineering next generation quantum technology using deep-tech photonics and nano-electronics, working on a number of ambitious projects with industry partners. Tyndall is also a partner in several European projects on quantum engineering, including the realisation of single-photon sources at telecommunication wavelengths, the development of cryogenic electronics for scalable quantum computing technologies, and the offering of research infrastructure to enable research on materials and nanostructures for quantum computing and sensing.
Tyndall’s core research work to date has been in Quantum Cryptography for secure communications and sources of quantum light for quantum information (quantum internet and quantum computation).

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